3-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself With Unattended Gun In Florida Home

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Insane Video 3-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself ... Unattended Gun successful FL Home

9/28/2023 6:09 AM PT

A 3-year-old miss changeable herself with an unattended weapon successful a Florida home, and the horrific incidental was caught connected video.

The young girl, named Serenity, was playing successful the surviving country astatine her grandma's Miami-Dade abode past Saturday erstwhile she jumped onto the sofa adjacent the loaded firearm sitting successful plain view.

Check retired this recently released footage ... which shows Serenity grabbing the pistol with her manus and peering implicit astatine a relative, Orlando Young, who is preoccupied watching a shot crippled connected his laptop.

Suddenly, the weapon discharges and Serenity is deed successful her arm, crying retired successful pain.

Young looks up, wholly stunned, and rushes implicit to Serenity to cheque retired her wounded and springiness her assistance. Other radical dash into the country arsenic full chaos ensues.

Young directs different idiosyncratic to get a loop to wrapper astir the slug coiled to halt the bleeding. He past escorts Serenity retired of the surviving room, but soon returns to retrieve his weapon from the sofa earlier the video cuts off.

Serenity was yet taken to a hospital, wherever she underwent surgery. She was released Tuesday and is present recovering astatine home.

As for Young, helium was arrested for leaving his firearm unattended successful the house. Prosecutors charged him with felony kid neglect with large bodily harm.

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