Blink-182 Revisits Their Struggles -- From Cancer to the Plane Crash -- in 'One More Time' Album Announcement

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3:49 PM PDT, September 18, 2023

The members of Blink-182 are reflecting connected the beingness of their band. On Monday, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker announced their forthcoming album, One More Time, the archetypal grounds the trio has enactment retired since 2011.

In grant of the announcement, Blink-182 released a four-minute-long retrospective that included snippets of their upcoming interrogation with Apple Music's Zane Lowe.

"What you request to recognize astir Blink-182 is that we didn't travel retired of joyous homes," DeLonge said. "We came from a batch of heartbreak, breached families, fist fights, truthful Blink was ever a mode to unit the happiness successful the room."

The radical doesn't shy distant from their past successful the clip, including Barker's 2008 level crash and DeLonge's Blink-182 exit successful 2015.

"There was a batch of atrocious blood, determination was a batch of worldly successful the press, and feelings and each this stuff," Hoppus admitted. "I got an email that was like, 'Tom has stopped each signaling and enactment with Blink-182, effectual immediately. Don't telephone him.' All this stuff. I'm like, 'Jesus Christ'... We're like, 'F**k Tom DeLonge. If helium doesn't similar Blink, past f**k it.'"

As for wherefore helium left, DeLonge said, "I recovered myself successful these weird oceans that I didn't truly cognize however to navigate. I decidedly didn't privation to clasp these guys backmost successful immoderate benignant of way."

Upon his departure, DeLonge recalled thinking, "I don't deliberation I'm ever going to play euphony again. I don't deliberation I'm ever going to circuit again."

That each changed successful 2021 erstwhile Hoppus revealed he'd been diagnosed with cancer, and making euphony and going connected circuit became "the lone thing" DeLonge wanted to do.

"When I recovered retired I got sick, I was truly s**tty, weak, encephalon eaten with the chemotherapy, symptom and everything else, conscionable a hollow shell," Hoppus recalled, with DeLonge noting, "When helium told maine helium was sick, that's the gnarliest. Nothing matters, really."

The pursuing year, the set announced that they were reuniting.

"It wasn't astir fame oregon wealth oregon however large Blink was oregon anything, it was like, you're going to get done this s**t and we're going to spell dominate," DeLonge said, with Hoppus quipping, "I got truthful sick of proceeding Tom's affirmative s**t. I truly did."

It wasn't casual to get backmost together, though, arsenic Hoppus noted that "chemotherapy wrecked" his vocal cords.

"I had to spell enactment with a vocal manager to get to the constituent wherever we could spell locomotion connected signifier astatine Coachella," Hoppus said of the band's April performance. "When it's the 3 of america connected stage, I consciousness unstoppable. We f**king, we crush."

Barker agreed, stating, "I ever knew that the brotherhood wouldn't ever deteriorate oregon it wouldn't beryllium there. I truly consciousness similar Blink is america three, and arsenic soon arsenic we judge that and we don't settee for thing little than that, I conscionable deliberation that's the future."

"For me, it was ever dense connected my bosom that our relationship wasn't mended," DeLonge added. "All of america person lived done tragedies now, things that truly teardrop isolated pieces of your heart, and you've got to mend them backmost unneurotic and fig retired however to beryllium a amended mentation of yourself."

The radical explores each of those emotions connected the rubric way of their forthcoming album, which, Barker said, "is benignant of written astir wherefore does it instrumentality these catastrophes similar maine being successful a level clang oregon Mark being sick for our set to get backmost together?"

"Being successful a set with my brothers, being healthy, we're having amusive and playing immoderate of the champion shows we've ever played, and we're making immoderate of the champion songs we've ever made," Barker said, with Hoppus adding, "It's 1 of the champion albums we've ever made. The happening is, it's each done the healing of this band. This euphony and this record, I virtually conscionable outcry connected signifier each night."

One More Time is owed retired Oct. 20. 


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