Dillon Danis Gets Served In Agdal Trolling Lawsuit Ahead Of Logan Paul Fight

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Dillon Danis Served In Agdal Trolling Lawsuit ... Before Logan Paul Fight

9/18/2023 2:52 PM PT


Dillon Danis has yet been served ... aft dodging and weaving a process server for implicit a week, the fighter/online troll was officially notified Nina Agdal was suing him, and TMZ Sports has video.

It each went down Monday greeting extracurricular the Jersey City (NJ) gathering wherever the 30-year-old combatant lives.

The process server was waiting for Dillon ... and erstwhile helium approached with 2 buddies, the feline said "I person a papers for you, Mr. Danis," arsenic helium attempted to manus a brownish envelope to the fighter.

But, Dillon refused, responding ... "That's not me," arsenic the men walked towards the doors to his building. The PS was told helium couldn't spell inside, truthful helium placed the papers connected the floor.

Danis and process servers had been playing a crippled of feline and rodent for days, with Dillon adjacent pretending helium was successful North Korea. He besides posted images and surveillance video of unsuccessful servers who were waiting for him.

Nina Agdal Granted Restraining Order Against Dillon Danis for Explicit Image

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Nina Agdal Granted Restraining Order Against Dillon Danis for Explicit Image

Of course, we broke the communicative earlier this period ... Agdal, whose fiancé Logan Paul is warring Danis connected October 14, filed a lawsuit and restraining bid against Dillon, claiming helium was incessantly bullying and trolling her online (250+ times).

In her suit, Agdal says she's suffered humiliation, affectional distress, and reputational harm ... and adjacent claims Danis broke State and Federal instrumentality connected 1 juncture erstwhile helium allegedly gained entree to a backstage video connected her phone.

Now that Danis has been served, he'll person 21 days to reply the complaint, per New Jersey law.

In the words of Omarion ... "You suckers got served!"

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