Max Q: Firefly conquered the night

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  • Firefly Aerospace conquered the night
  • News from Varda Space and more

Firefly and Millennium Space’s Victus Nox ngo sets a caller grounds for responsive launch

Firefly Aerospace successfully launched a outer for the U.S. Space Force with conscionable 24 hours’ notice, successful a record-setting objection of accelerated motorboat capabilities for nationalist information missions.

The institution launched the Victus Nox ngo astatine the archetypal disposable window, with Alpha leaving the pad conscionable 27 hours aft the motorboat announcement was received.

More quality from crossed TC

  • The Exploration Company signed a cargo transportation agreement with backstage abstraction presumption developer Axiom Space, arsenic good arsenic a motorboat statement with the Indian Space Research Organization.
  • Open Cosmos, a U.K.-based outer startup, raised $50 million, a standout fig fixed the existent clime for investing.
  • Rocket Lab has turned Virgin Orbit’s aged HQ and manufacturing analyzable into a rocket motor improvement center. 
  • Techstars selected 12 caller companies to articulation its abstraction accelerator’s autumn cohort, with startups moving connected everything from motorboat to in-space servicing.
  • Varda Space was denied a reentry request by the U.S. Air Force earlier this month, pushing backmost the company’s timeline for returning its archetypal in-space manufacturing demonstration.

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