Netflix ends a three-year legal dispute over Squid Game traffic

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Netflix and South Korean ISP SK Broadband person been locked successful a ineligible tussle implicit web usage cost-sharing since 2020 erstwhile Netflix filed a lawsuit against the provider, and SK Broadband responded with its ain suit. Now the combat is over, Netflix announced, arsenic the companies driblet their lawsuits and alternatively go partners (via Reuters).

The lawsuits started due to the fact that SK Broadband wanted Netflix to assistance screen the disbursal of partially Squid Game-induced increases successful streaming postulation successful South Korea. A South Korean tribunal said Netflix is obligated to wage for the accrued web demands. SK estimated the fashionable amusement had cost it an other 27.2 cardinal Korean won, which translated past to astir $23 million.

The companies volition commencement offering bundled packages that harvester Netflix with SK Broadband’s IPTV and SK Telecom’s work plans. The 2 are besides looking for ways to “leverage AI technologies developed by SK Telecom and SK Broadband.”

The collaboration, says VP of Netflix APAC partnerships Tony Zameczkowski, “enables Netflix to heighten amusement experiences for a broader Korean audience.”

The concern is portion of SK’s doctrine “where lawsuit worth is prioritized,” said Choi Hwanseok, VP of firm strategy astatine SK Telecom. He added, “We volition proceed to germinate into an AI institution and enactment unneurotic with assorted players astatine location and abroad.”

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