'Price Is Right' Host Drew Carey Shares the Biggest Lesson He Learned From Bob Barker (Exclusive)

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3:13 PM PDT, September 18, 2023

Drew Carey took implicit hosting The Price Is Right successful 2007, but the iconic daytime crippled amusement volition ever beryllium synonymous with its legendary longtime big Bob Barker.

Barker died astatine property 99 connected Aug. 26 aft a conflict with Alzheimer's disease, and erstwhile ET joined Carey connected the Price Is Right set -- wherever helium and Jeff Probst were engaged filming a peculiar Survivor-themed occurrence -- helium couldn't assistance but wage tribute to Barker's legacy.

"He was truthful bully astatine this," Carey raved. "He was truthful bully astatine relating to radical and getting them to beryllium relaxed and beryllium themselves. You ticker his demeanor and his attitude. He ne'er seemed stressed."

While Carey said helium sometimes struggles to unrecorded up to that laid-back legacy, helium learned a batch from watching Barker service arsenic the Price Is Right big from 1972-2007.

"I've learned to unbend portion I'm onstage and not beryllium truthful uptight astir what's going on," helium shared. "I conscionable person to ain the amusement and marque it similar my surviving room, due to the fact that helium was truthful comfy successful beforehand of a camera."

The Price Is Right precocious moved accumulation from the Bob Barker Studio astatine CBS Television City to a caller workplace successful Glendale, California, however, Carey said fans of the amusement volition hardly announcement the change. And, helium added, it's not the workplace that keeps viewers coming backmost time aft day.

"It's the contestants, absolutely," helium noted. "People privation to spot regular radical similar them losing their minds connected TV and having their champion day. The viewing assemblage astir ever spot idiosyncratic they tin subordinate to successful immoderate benignant of way... It's conscionable mean radical having the champion time of their lives. That's the concealed condiment of the full show."

For the Survivor-themed episode, production "jungled up" the full Price Is Right stage. Contestants wore colorful buffs conscionable similar their favourite castaways, trips were fixed distant to exotic locations, and Probst was adjacent connected manus to snuff retired the torches of eliminated competitors.

"That was benignant of pugnacious to watch," Carey admitted. "Honestly I felt bad."

However, the comedian said helium enjoyed moving alongside the longtime Survivor host, arsenic helium and Probst are some portion of the CBS tv family.

"He's ever great," Carey shared. "It's truthful bully to spot idiosyncratic similar him who, like, knows however to person amusive astatine his occupation and truly appreciates it. We some cognize however fortunate we are."

So, however does Carey deliberation helium would fare if helium was 1 of Probst's competitors connected Survivor?

"I deliberation I would bash beauteous good," helium admitted. "Everybody trusts me... I've been playing committee games my full beingness against contention similar my member and his friends -- and I was the youngest. I'm, like, acceptable to spell erstwhile it comes to, you know, hiding my intentions to bushed people."

The peculiar Survivor-themed occurrence of The Price Is Right airs Oct. 2 connected CBS. Season 45 of Survivor premieres Sept. 27 astatine 8 p.m. PT/ET connected CBS.


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