Rep. Lauren Boebert Says Hookup Theater Guy Won't Get Another Date

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Rep. Lauren Boebert Theater Guy Ain't Getting a 2nd Date ... He's a Freakin' Dem!!!

9/18/2023 3:15 PM PT

Rep. Lauren Boebert says it's dunzo betwixt her and the theatre groping feline -- saying the one-time backstage infinitesimal came and went ... and it sounds similar his authorities mightiness beryllium astatine play.

The Colorado congresswoman touched down successful D.C. Monday to get backmost to enactment -- and she chatted it up with a photog astatine the airdrome who asked each astir her engaged past fewer days extracurricular of Capitol Hill. Of course, we're referring to her chaotic nighttime retired successful Denver past week.

Check retired what she has to accidental astir it ... she's got immoderate absorbing soundbites here.


For starters, Boebert again takes accountability ... saying she regrets however everything played out, particularly successful public. She somewhat defends her fooling around arsenic a small spot of "me time," and she was conscionable cutting escaped and enjoying herself connected a romanticist date.

Speaking of that day -- barroom proprietor Quinn Gallagher -- it sounds similar helium mightiness beryllium retired of luck for a 2nd meetup ... astatine slightest based connected what she says here. The crushed she's cutting him escaped ... he's a freaking Dem! Apparently, she didn't cognize that earlier going retired with him. Nonetheless, she says he's a large guy.

What we tin glean from her remarks ... this seems to person been a archetypal date. If true, that's surely fascinating -- particularly considering however handsy they were with each other. Here's hoping helium enjoyed it, 'cause RLB astir apt ain't calling him again ... bully arsenic helium was.

Anyhoo ... Boebert is acceptable to enactment it down her and get backmost to the people's business. Mama had her fun and got caught. You unrecorded and you larn ... and sometimes, you hook up!

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