Russell Brand Accuser Wrote Letter After Alleged Rape: Do You Know What You Put Me …

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Several months ago, a somewhat prophetic societal media idiosyncratic mused that Russell Brand was pivoting to utmost right-wing positions truthful that helium could assertion that immoderate “accusations” were an effort to soundlessness him.

While unspeakable men seldom request a motive to tilt towards reactionary, polarized positions … that tweet has aged amended than Twitter itself.

Grimly, 5 women person publicly accused Russell Brand of rape, intersexual abuse, and more. One of the survivors was lone 16 astatine the time.

One of his accusers really wrote a missive to him pursuing the alleged assault. And its contents, present public, are a heartbreaking read.

Russell Brand poses for photographs connected November 25, 2014 successful London, England. (Getty)

The Sunday Times has published a missive that Nadia, 1 of the courageous women who has travel forward, wrote to Russell Brand successful 2012.

Nadia (that is her sole nationalist identification; we person each witnessed the attraction that women who impeach celebrated men of evil deeds receive) wrote that she felt “completely disgusted” by however helium had treated her.

In the letter, she besides expressed however “sad” she felt that she had trusted him successful the archetypal place.

Comedian Russell Brand speaks to thousands of demonstrators gathered successful Parliament Square to protestation against austerity and spending cuts connected June 20, 2015 successful London. (Mary Turner/Getty Images)

“Very aggravated with you and myself for getting sucked into your narcissistic world,” she expressed.

“Do you cognize what you enactment maine through? My assemblage through?” Nadia demanded successful the letter.

She characterized however “My emotions and assemblage are turned upside down.”

Russell Brand takes portion successful a treatment astatine Esquire Townhouse, Carlton House Terrace connected October 14, 2017 successful London, England. (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

“You frightened the s–t retired of maine connected July 1st,” Nadia accused. “I thought successful immoderate concern I would beryllium beardown capable to combat idiosyncratic off.”

Her missive continued: “But erstwhile it’s idiosyncratic you know, you don’t expect to beryllium enactment successful that position. You wholly broke maine down.”

Nadia asked: “Do you adjacent cognize however scary you are erstwhile that glazed look comes implicit you?”

Russell Brand speaks connected signifier during MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Aerosmith astatine West Hall astatine Los Angeles Convention Center connected January 24, 2020 successful Los Angeles. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“I didn’t spot the amusive loving feline successful beforehand of me,” Nadia wrote. “I saw a antheral who couldn’t power himself and the connection NO is much of a situation than a command.”

Just for the record, galore experts successful abusers and predators reason that the thought of them losing control is simply a myth. For example, abusers are much apt to destruct a victim’s belongings. That’s not a deficiency of control; it’s an enactment of terror.

Even successful the missive from each of those years ago, Nadia openly wondered wherefore she protected him. She didn’t property charges. And she didn’t disclose his sanction astatine the rape attraction center.

Russell Brand poses for photographs arsenic helium arrives to present The Reading Agency Lecture astatine The Institute of Education connected November 25, 2014 successful London, England. (Getty)

“This missive is for maine to enactment done my stuff, not for you, I conscionable needed you to perceive me,” Nadia explained successful the letter.

It is simply a precise communal therapeutic method for survivors to constitute letters expressing their choler astatine an abuser, a rapist, oregon idiosyncratic who has different harmed them.

Sometimes, they nonstop the letters. Other times, they beryllium lone for therapy. (In immoderate cases, the assailant is unknown, oregon deceased)

Russell Brand speaks successful Parliament Square connected June 20, 2015 successful London, England. (Getty)

While nary 1 should ever person to explicate this, Nadia did stock wherefore she didn’t publically impeach Brand of rape astatine the time.

She did not privation to beryllium liable for ruining his career. (Just a reminder — rapists ruin lives and, successful the uncommon cases wherever they are exposed and look consequences, ruin their own careers)

Brand’s societal media interaction has been alarming lately. But Nadia noted: “He’s saying 1 happening and I cognize the demon underneath it.” Well phrased.

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