Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Legacy, Documentary and Past With Arnold Schwarzenegger (Exclusive)

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5:17 PM PDT, September 17, 2023

Sylvester Stallone has a batch to beryllium arrogant of implicit the people of his career, arsenic good arsenic immoderate large regrets -- but ultimately, the histrion says helium has learned immoderate profound lessons from his children that shaped him arsenic an histrion and arsenic a quality being.

Over the weekend, Stallone walked the carpet astatine the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the caller documentary, Sly -- which details his idiosyncratic and nonrecreational beingness -- and helium spoke with ET's Rachel Smith astir the earthy and candid introspection of his vocation seen successful the film, helmed by documentarian Thom Zimny.

"We spent a mates years unneurotic and I conscionable fto my defender down," Stallone said of moving with Zimny. "I was speaking, rather frankly, similar if you lone person a constricted magnitude of clip connected Earth, and you wanted to accidental things, and you didn't truly defender yourself, and conscionable fto it go."

The movie deals with Stallone's experiences with an abusive begetter and his precocious lad Sage and paints a fuller representation of the antheral down the monolithic Rocky franchises.

"I've seen a batch of documentaries and astir of them speech astir your assemblage of work, and this 1 present talks astir wherefore you are the mode you are," Stallone said. "Like, who molded you, from what environment, and this is what molds everyone."

"We don't ever flight our puerility and definite things are profound, they people you, and they mold you successful the mode you comprehend life," helium said. "And that's what this is about."

Stallone is the begetter of 5 children, including sons Sage -- who died successful 2012 astatine property 47 -- and Seargeoh, from his archetypal matrimony to Sasha Czack. He besides shares 3 daughters -- Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21 -- with woman Jennifer Flavin.

According to Stallone, his children led to him coming to his biggest realization, which is that helium wasted excessively overmuch clip connected different things earlier truly prioritizing his family.

"Every histrion feels the clip crushing successful connected them, and yet it'll each spell away, it's gonna dissipate. No 1 remains connected apical forever. There's a valley," helium said. "So you combat truthful hard to support your vocation going and get that finite publication that's gonna specify your vocation -- but you bash it astatine a large cost. And usually your household is the 1 that suffers this benignant of forced abandonment."

"Then, arsenic your vocation begins to measurement in, you're like, 'Oh my God, I've mislaid the existent movie!' Which is the movie of your life, and these are the characters that play the astir profound roles successful your life," helium added.

The movie besides raised the question of Stallone's legacy, and however helium serves arsenic a guardian to it arsenic his vocation goes on. However, Stallone said that his presumption connected his ain bequest has changed dramatically implicit the people of his life.

"It's truly casual to say, 'Never springiness up.' [But] that's hard to do," Stallone said, advising different actors to "learn to woody with failure."

"That's the thing! Because there's ever the chance, always, for the comeback," helium added. "So my bequest is each astir the comeback."

It besides seems to beryllium astir gathering bridges and forging friendships. One constituent of Sly that plays a large relation -- and has played a relation successful Stallone's vocation successful galore ways -- was his nonrecreational rivalry and occasional animosity with now-friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the aboriginal days, during the tallness of their fame, some stars were certified enactment heroes and would often beryllium successful the moving for the aforesaid roles, which lone served to intensify their quasi-feud.

According to Stallone, Schwarzenegger utilized to beryllium "the astir competitive" -- but with time, things changed.

"Now I recognize the fella," Stallone said with a laugh.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger person present go adjacent friends, and person walked akin paths erstwhile it comes to a vocation resurgence. Both Stallone and Schwarzenegger are some starring successful TV shows -- Tulsa King and FUBAR respectively -- and some are the taxable of retrospective documentaries connected N Netflix.

Fans tin spot much astir Stallone's rivalry -- arsenic good arsenic however his household and his past shaped his position and his bequest erstwhile Sly premieres Nov. 13 connected Netflix.


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