The Best 2023 Halloween Costumes for Women: Barbie, 'The Little Mermaid', Taylor Swift and More

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2:42 PM PDT, September 18, 2023

Aside from sweater weather and pumpkin spice-scented everything, 1 of the things we're looking guardant to this autumn is Halloween. For what is arguably the astir amusive vacation of the year, we're pulling retired each the stops to marque definite our 2023 Halloween costume is the champion 1 yet.

To get you successful the spooky spirit, we've pulled unneurotic immoderate of our favourite Halloween costumes for women.

While we could conscionable nonstop you to immoderate ready-made costumes connected Amazon oregon Party City, we took things a measurement further by uncovering covering and accessories you tin deterioration agelong aft Halloween is over. Instead of throwing distant your costume travel November 1, these pieces tin beryllium incorporated into your mundane wardrobe.

From the Barbie movie and The Little Mermaid to Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's circuit outfits, there's nary shortage of popular civilization inspiration to propulsion from the past year. Below, cheque retired immoderate of the champion women's costumes for Halloween 2023 and however to recreate them.

Roller Skating Barbie


You'll beryllium cute and comfy travel Halloween erstwhile you deterioration this '80s-style bodysuit and diversion shorts from Barbie's rollerskating outfit.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid


Disney princesses are ever a bully Halloween costume, but the caller live-action mentation of The Little Mermaid makes Halle Bailey's Ariel an particularly applicable thought for 2023. Mermaid tails aren't the astir applicable pieces for precocious autumn, truthful here's a wearable instrumentality that pays homage to the archetypal cartoon.

Folklore Taylor Swift

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

If you privation to emulate 1 of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour outfits without hand-bedazzling a 1000 tiny crystals onto a bodysuit, conscionable propulsion connected a flowy formal and roar — you're the Folklore era.

Renaissance Beyoncé

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

Replicating Beyoncé's elaborate couture outfits for her Renaissance tour is nary casual feat. Instead, platform yourself retired successful head-to-toe metallic and a dazzling cowboy chapeau conscionable similar the 1 she wore connected her medium cover.

Wednesday Addams


Our gothic queen of Halloween makes for an casual costume that you tin incorporated into your autumn wardrobe extracurricular of the holiday. Just adhd a frown and braided pigtails and you're bully to go.

Find much costume ideas, Halloween decor, trick-or-treat needs and much festive amusive successful our Halloween 2023 Shopping Guide.


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