The Best LEGO Advent Calendars for 2023: Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and More

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2:54 PM PDT, September 18, 2023

As the vacation play draws near, the best Advent calendars of 2023 are starting to get for everyone connected your acquisition list. For many, Advent calendars are a amusive and festive yearly contented to countdown the days until Christmas. Kids and adults alike are definite to emotion this year's LEGO Advent calendars that are afloat of surprises to observe some the play on with your favourite fandom. 

All 5 LEGO Advent calendars for 2023 are disposable to store astatine Amazon now. Fans of Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and much volition beryllium delighted with the miniature LEGO builds awaiting down 24 small closed doors. Each LEGO Advent calendar is simply a amusive and engaging mode to physique excitement for the large holiday.

Designed for builders of each ages with models including up to 320 pieces, LEGO's interactive calendars see beloved buildable characters from Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to Doctor Strange and an Ewok successful vacation gear. Most of the LEGO Advent calendars adjacent incorporate a portion of scenery to make a themed backdrop for the pieces. 

Ahead, find each the champion LEGO Advent calendars for 2023. It's indispensable to store early, arsenic these fashionable Advent calendars thin to merchantability retired rapidly earlier December.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2023


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