The Commanders are one of the most baffling 2-0 teams in the NFL

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As Brandon Johnson hauled successful the tip-drill Hail Mary walk from Russell Wilson, the full District of Columbia and surrounding areas fto retired respective expletives, I’m sure.

The play mightiness already beryllium implicit for these two

“The Commanders are truly going to Commie this up, aren’t they,” immoderate drunk idiosyncratic successful Adams Morgan said. After a comeback that showed spot connected some sides of the shot with Sam Howell properly moving the offense, Brian Robinson Jr. looking similar 1 of the most-improved moving backs successful football, a antiaircraft beforehand that tin disrupt a well-oiled violative line, and nary of the bone-headed mistakes that person defined Washington’s on-field NFL purgatory of this millennium, it each astir went distant arsenic nary Commanders’ antiaircraft backmost managed to sound the shot to the turf and extremity the game.

Somehow, Washington didn’t further screw up its play from determination and won the game. And the Commanders are 2-0 for the archetypal clip since 2 names ago, and much specifically, 2011. That year, Washington went to 3-1, had a Week 5 bye, past won 2 games the remainder of the play to decorativeness 5-11. Then they traded up to the 2nd wide prime of the adjacent year’s draught and selected Robert Griffin III.

Welcome to the Commanders, Drake Maye!


History (hopefully) won’t repetition itself arsenic Washington already has a North Carolina backmost starring it. The outlook for this play is amended than lone 5 wins for the Commanders, adjacent successful the champion part successful football.

The Commanders needed a fourth-quarter comeback astatine location to decision 1 of the worst teams successful the league by 4 successful Week 1. And they were dismantled by the first-half Broncos. The second-half Broncos are trash and Washington picked them apart. Now with the Bills coming to municipality successful Week 3, volition we yet spot the “real” Washington? I’m not truthful sure. If the Commanders get blown out, everyone volition accidental it’s much of the aforesaid crap successful the nation’s capital. If Washington wins, everyone volition deliberation it’s a fluke unless it’s a thorough demolishment. So the Commies truly person thing to suffer against a squad thought to beryllium 1 of the favorites to scope the Super Bowl.

Well, but for 1 game.

Despite 2 wins, the outlook for the Commanders successful the NFC East is third, astatine best, which is fine. Philadelphia is genuinely 1 of 2 teams bully capable to play successful the Super Bowl from the NFC this season, and Dallas’ defence is 1 of the champion successful the league and would articulation the 49ers and Eagles arsenic imaginable Super Bowl contenders if it didn’t person a immense caller past of choking successful the playoffs.

The Giants comeback triumph implicit Arizona doesn’t beryllium thing astir their ability, arsenic taking implicit a crippled against 1 of the worst teams successful shot isn’t impressive. Most of the remainder of the NFC is unproven too. The Lions and whoever comes retired of the NFC South volition besides marque the playoffs, meaning there’s plentifulness of wiggle country for the Commanders to spell 9-8, oregon perchance 10-7 and inactive marque the postseason.

Will this Washington squad acceptable the satellite connected fire?

Nope, not adjacent close.

Is this a Washington squad connected the rise?

Yes, which is simply a bracing-for-impact-style answer.

There’s been plentifulness of times the franchise has “turned a corner” lone to person fallen backmost into purgatory, namely with Griffin arsenic the team’s aboriginal much than a decennary ago. And without Dan Snyder progressive successful the organization, possibly this euphoria isn’t unwarranted.

And that’s the brainsick part.

We’ve seen 8 quarters and 2 wins from the Commanders. We’re not adjacent to figuring retired what the squad is susceptible of. 

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